release date 2003
director's statement The metaphor of a man who can't stop running, an idea expressed with all the excess and the 'clutter' removed to keep only the bare essentials necessary for the point to be made. After all, the audience can see for itself.
synopsis Leon is running. Running from dark and obscure characters to a building where someone is waiting for him. In the building he meets Dr. Lock who forces him on THE SOFA. While Leon is sitting on The Sofa, he discovers that what has actually transpired on his way to see Dr. Lock. After the session, Leon feels relieved that he is cured, but soon after he is faced with the fact it was all an illusion. Leon is running.
credits overview
writer Don Diego Poeder
director Parisa Yousef Doust
cast Danny De Kok
Kenneth Herdigein
d.o.p. Harm Griekspoor
sound Marc Schmidt
art direction Marije Brinkhof
wardrobe Lizanne Hennessy
production Patrick Anthony Thompson
producer Eddy Wijngaarde
technical specs
color color
film length
cinematographic process
film negative Super 16
printed film format
aspect ratio 1.85:1
425 × 335
Dr. Lock
425 × 330
227 × 289
283 × 224
Poster 1
534 × 758
Poster 2
501 × 707